Evolution of a Wanderer

I have always loved travelling.

There's that thing they say at home about people like me, that we probably have a mole on our feet that's why we can't stay in one place at any given time. Well, my feet are as mole-free as it can get, but I think my soul's feet are another matter.

For Weekend Wanderings, a blog to chronicle my wanderlust throughout the years, I made this graphic. I know it's a little simple than the other graphics I've been posting lately. But as of now, the blog's pretty new so my mind was more on writing for it than making a digiscrap layout.

I have yet to make a banner for the blog too, as I am still thinking about the whole look of the page. But to be sure, when I'm done, I'll post it here as well.

{credits: freedigitalscrapbooking.co
m andrea rascaglia frames; peppermintcreative.com miss mint tropical popsicle; designerdigitals.com katie pertiet quote challenge 32507, kellie mize ad challenge 100106}