Olly @5 months, July 2010

Credits: Pimp My Page Challenge Template Cindy Schneider, PeppermintCreative.com MissMint_Coordinated Kit_Painted Season MissMint_TropicalPopsicle
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Olly's Guest Page

Credits: Done with the invite, scrambled to make this and lost track of specific credits :( Designer digitals and Peppermint creative
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Olly's Baptism/Birthday Invite and Map

Credits: Designer Digitals, Peppermint Creative...plus so many to keep track of that I lost the list as I scrambled to finish this in time! My extreme apologies...please feel free to contact me for inquiries about the elements :)
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Hanging Out

Credits: RR_BasketsBunnies_Cluster__6_.png JEdwards_WebChallFreebie0417_1.png KPertiet_Web20080113.png