Oona's Second Album: PAGES 1-4

The First Page

My Uncle Edel G. made a poem for her. It was so sweet of him that I had to include it in the album for Oona to read when she grows older. He's supposed to be gruff and tuff but then he goes all intellectual gooey like this!

The Second Page

Here was the eve of and the day of the big event! I was already having contractions early during the week but it was only on Tuesday that I felt pain. It was still manageable but we already called our OB and was timing it to the minute.

I was already cranky and the taxi driver was no help. he was driving like a maniac, if I weren't about to give birth, I would have strangled him with the steering wheel.

The Third Page

By this time, RF and I were both groggy. I was given medicine because I had incredibly high blood pressure. The doctors were waiting for it to go down. Meanwhile, I was still a few cms closed and they were threatening to send me home to wait it out because they couldn't induce me and risk having a seizure.

RF on the other hand, came straight from night shift to a cranky wife having contractions. So, I had him sleep while I was busy doing deep breathing.

I told him I'd just wake him up when it was time to hold my hand while I screamed at him and he can emote in all Lamaze earnestness (Breathe! Hoo! Hoo! Huff! Huff!).

The Fourth Page

And there she is! Our little bundle!

It took me a few minutes and two pushes to get her out. RF was a bit put out because he wasn't able to emote. He said it happened so quickly, he had no time to feel the emotion of the moment when he heard Oona cry.

It went according to routine. By this time, I was as high as a kite with the lovely epidural. RF took longer to get dressed in scrubs andwe had to wait for him because I refused to push without him. Crazy Mama.

All I could say was "Oh my God! Oh my God!", over and over again. RF on the other hand was teary eyed, following the nurses around and trying to take pictures. I told him to make sure they put the tags on her and not lose our baby because I didn't spend nine months carrying her around just to lose her!

Suffice to say, we made it through. Our brand new, little family.

{Credits: Shabby Princess Piece-A-Cake In the Groove Album}